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About us


TEC-KNIT CCTT has its origin in Rhede, Westfalia, and was able to establish a position as a leading company in innovative warp-knitted technical textiles.

In 2011 the opportunity was taken to move our office to Ottobrunn - a creative environment close to innovative companies, like Airbus Group. TEC-KNIT's R&D department - the CreativeCenter for Technical Textiles - moved into new facilities in 2015, adding more space for the technical lab, the existing office space and product demonstration facilities. At the technical lab new technologies within and besides our core competence - technical knitting - are being investigated.

The development of new technologies currently focuses on the manufacturing of innovative fibre reinforced plastics (FRP).


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As a partner in the "MAI-Carbon- Excellence Research Cluster", which is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, CCTT is integrated into an optimal environment to advance its composite competences.

As TEC-KNIT has long been involved in the development of technical textiles, it has gained competences and a reputation in automotive (crash-relevant safety nets, shock absorbers and low-voltage heating elements) aerospace (fine wire nets for satellite antennas), military (camouflage nets and personal carrying systems) and many other areas of business. Therefore, the proximity of several high-tech companies promises great development and opportunities.

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In early 2012, TEC-KNIT was one of five finalists of the “German Industry Innovation Award” in the category “mid-sized businesses”.

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